Case Studies

Some Properties We’ve Helped Optimize

Resort Achieves 5-Star Ratings with AI Concierge Solution - Case Studies

Plunge Beach Resort implemented Jeanie, an AI concierge developed by OpsTechPro, to automate guest interactions while maintaining their high level of service. This resulted in a 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and more bookings for the resort.

Margaritaville Increases Guest Satisfaction and Reduces Operational Costs with Virtual Assistant Solution - Case Studies

Margaritaville Lake Resort overcame their challenges with managing front desk inquiries by implementing “Jeanie,” a virtual assistant powered by OpTechPros’ Guest Management Platform, which helped streamline operational costs and improve guest satisfaction. With this solution, the resort has seen increased guest satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

Plunge Beach Resort Succeeds with Multi-Channel “Stay Longer” Promo - Case Studies

Plunge Beach Resort developed a multi-channel “Stay Longer” promo to extend guests’ stays and increase revenue, resulting in 30 to 60 additional room nights, an 18% – 25% enhanced ADR, increased non-room revenue, and exceeding their goals.

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