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OpsTechPro is a comprehensive operational excellence solution consisting of two powerful platforms: Advanced Preventive Maintenance with integrated ticketing and workflow management, and AI Concierge, Jeanie. These platforms work in tandem to streamline hospitality and property management operations. While they complement each other seamlessly, they can also be purchased separately based on your specific needs. Advanced Preventive Maintenance ensures optimal facility management, while Jeanie offers personalized guest support through AI-driven interactions.

Setting up OpsTechPro is free, and we manage the entire process for you, ensuring a smooth transition.

OpsTechPro’s AI Concierge, Jeanie, offers personalized support through direct text messaging, enhancing guest experiences with quick and efficient communication.

We handle the setup process completely, making it effortless for your team to start benefiting from OpsTechPro.

OpsTechPro starts at just $75 per month, offering an affordable solution for advanced operational excellence.

OpsTechPro’s Advanced Preventive Maintenance with integrated ticketing and workflow management keeps facilities in top shape while AI Concierge Jeanie offers personalized guest support. These platforms optimize operations and enhance guest satisfaction, individually or together.

Absolutely! By leveraging OpsTechPro’s preventive maintenance and operational streamlining features, businesses have saved around 30% on maintenance expenses. Sonesta Hotel, for instance, achieved an impressive 76% reduction in their operational budget after adopting OpsTechPro. Clients have reported an estimated annual savings of $10,000 for a mid-sized hotel. These savings result from reduced downtime, efficient resource allocation, and optimized maintenance schedules.

Yes, OpsTechPro is versatile and adaptable for various property types, including hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments.

Reach out to our team to learn more, schedule a demo, and receive guidance on implementing OpsTechPro to meet your specific needs.

OpsTechPro offers Advanced Preventive Maintenance with integrated ticketing and workflow management, and the AI Concierge, Jeanie, which can be purchased together or separately. Jeanie provides personalized guest support, adding an extra layer of guest satisfaction to your operations.

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