Simplify Your Hospitality & Property Operations

HotelTechPro is an advanced asset management system designed to streamline hospitality and property management operations, automating and tracking the entire interactions cycle from guest requests to asset management and inspections.

Advanced Asset Management

Our Advanced Asset Management System, OpsTechPro, and the AI concierge service, Jeanie, can be used together or independently to benefit your hotel operations and guest experience.

With OpsTechPro, you can ensure high-quality facilities and equipment through increased preventive maintenance tasks, while Jeanie provides personalized support to your guests through direct text messaging, ensuring a hassle-free stay.

Together, these services offer a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience at your hotels.

Jeanie The Friendly AI Concierge

Enhance the Guest Experience via Direct Text Messaging

Introducing Jeanie, your hotel guests’ AI concierge. Guest Engagement – via in App Text Messaging.  “Jeanie” Welcomes your guests via text. Continuous communication with guests prior, during and after stay.

Extra Towels? Late checkout? Shower trouble? No worries, Jeanie’s got this. Our hotel chain clients love her so much, she’s earned 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor!

Artificial Intelligence meets personalized service – that’s Jeanie. Come and experience the future of hospitality.

Advanced Asset Management

We offer Advanced Asset Management to our valued users. Thanks to this innovative feature, companies that implement it are able to increase the number of preventive maintenance tasks completed by more than ten-fold, resulting in higher-quality rooms, facilities, and equipment in hotels.

What Makes Us Different & Better

With Advanced Asset Management, properties can proactively identify and address maintenance needs, resulting in higher-quality facilities and equipment, and a better guest experience.

Fast Rollout & High User Adoption

Lightning-Fast Rollout and Painless Customization Including To Large Hotel Portfolios & Team Sizes

Full Training For Your Staff When You Need it

System set-up and onboarding services tailored to the needs of you and your team.

Advanced Asset Management

The Industry's only custom designed Advanced Asset Management System.

Full Spectrum Analytics

Customized Corporate Level Analytics - Performance Overview of the Entire Portfolio in a Single Report

Reports for Executives

Corporate Level Reporting - Review ranking and performance of the entire portfolio within seconds

Customized Reporting

Achieve Specific Results with Highly Customizable Reporting


We have been working with the owners Paul and Jay for several years now and they and the preventative maintenance program that is a part of their system, have been nothing short of fantastic. Allow me to list the benefits of the program below.

Ease of use and simplicity as opposed to competitors; Quore, HOTSOS, and Transcendent. By comparison OpsTechPro is straight forward and focuses more on the basics which allows us to have more usage by our users/associates.
User interface simplicity - self explanatory.
Flexibility and customization – modules can be created for nearly any need.
Communication & Customer Service! – Paul, Jay and their team have always done a great job at communicating and working with us to meet our needs.
– Nathan Busemeyer
Regional Engineer, Commonwealth Hotels

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